Reliant SystemsCompany Profile

Recent Completed Projects:

Reliant completed the installation of a fire alarm system for the Amazon sortation center in Crafton, PA. Covering a 300,000 square foot warehouse, this was a design/build construction project and included over one hundred initiation points, two hundred notification devices, connections to twenty duct detectors and a sprinkler pre-action system. Effective planning aided Reliant to smoothly work around an irregular work environment with demolition and construction work being performed simultaneously as well as warehouse operations being conducted at the same time. Additionally, Reliant maintained the current fire alarm system for the majority of the installation and successfully separated the old system from the rest of the building.
Eat’n Park:
Servicing over 80 Eat’n Park locations, Reliant meets the restaurant chain’s video needs to address security, liability, internal employee theft and operational issues. Reliant placed all of Eat’n Park’s cameras on a cloud based system over a wide area network. Close to 1000 cameras are viewable through a secure web portal.
Massaro Properties
Massaro PropertieS:
Reliant Systems supports multiple facilities managed by Massaro Properties with their security, access control, video surveillance and fire alarm systems. Reliant recently completed a retrofit of one location’s notification system. Facing a large capital cost to overhaul the entire system, Massaro looked to Reliant for a cost effective solution. Reliant was able to divide the project into two separate smaller jobs to meet the property’s budgetary constraints while maintaining compliance with local regulatory codes.