Company Profile

Reliant Systems of Southwestern Pennsylvania was formed in 1982 by Larry J. Cole. We are a security company providing the installation, service, and monitoring of burglar alarm systems and fire alarm systems both residentially and commercially. Reliant Systems also installs and services access control systems and closed circuit television systems. Although formed in 1982 as a sole proprietorship, owner Larry Cole chose to work for another security company, Firm Security Systems, for twenty years.

Reliant Systems became an active business again in July 2004 when Firm Security Systems was acquired by a larger company.

Reliant Systems has shown continued growth over the years. In 2008, Reliant Systems purchased CrimeTech Security. This was followed by the acquisitions of Titan Security and Bob's Lock in 2009, and Tri-State Security in 2010.  Reliant’s expansion grew with the purchases of RayTech Security in 2011 and Safepoint Technologies in 2012.